Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We have rain!!

South Texas has been so dry this summer - in fact, it's the driest and hottest on record since the 50's. Today, it's in the 70's breezy and rainy. What a nice change. I got the boys off to school and headed to Cashton's doctor for his one year check up. There were 2 dozen cars in the parking lot, which I knew was a baaaaaad sign. Went to check in and the first thing I ask was how far behind they were today. At least an hour. GREAT. Reschedule and come back home. Ugh. I LOVE this doctor - he's my OB/GYN's brother...their family is just awesome. BUT, I swear, I'm on the verge of finding another doctor for our family if this doesnt change. Anyway.........

I was looking around at some of my friends and families blogs yesterday and I saw that Marsha had some postings about the Knifty Knitter. I have been wanting to do this for SO LONG! She has inspired me to give it a try. I have to head to Hobby Lobby later this week.

Cash and Sterlings birthday party was really nice. A decent amount of people showed up, the kids had a blast, and for once, I was relaxed and actually enjoyed the day. Everyone headed to the pool after cake - it was a lot of fun! Here's a few pics from their day. Here is Cashton's Cake:

And Sterlings (excuse the horrible color of the picture, not sure what happened here - gotta edit them still).....

And rather than upload a bunch of misc. pictures from the party - here's a couple of layouts I've done....

Still have more to do, and I will post them up here when I get them finished!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy, Busy Life!

Things have been really busy lately. There has been a bunch of stuff happen out here on the property that's left us working into all hours of the night making repairs and such - poor Jeremy never has any time to himself. :-( Not to mention school, karate, etc etc.

Now we have Cashton and Sterling's birthday party tomorrow. So I've been busy the last couple of days getting things together for that. I've been baking today - still have Sterlings cake to bake. Will frost and decorate everything tonight when Jeremy's home so I can make sure to have him to run interference! LOL Will post pics after the party is over....

Here's my latest layouts. First, is Fall Fun - the kit is called Fall Splendor by Totally Twisted Scraps, who I now CT for. Great group of girls and I've had fun thus far! You can check out Tracy's shop over at Scrapable. Still have one more LO to do with this kit, but I finished this one last night. I look back at these pictures and it makes me so sad to see how much my kids have grown *sniff sniff*

Next, I have my week 4 layout for the Pixie Hunt over at Enchanted Studio Scraps (ESS). Click on that link and you'll be able to see all 4 weeks of layouts. We should know pretty soon who made the cut and will become Pixies soon! Wish me luck! :-)

Alright, off to bake some more. I'll try to check back in after the festivities on Saturday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's late, but...

You know I couldn't let the day go by without sharing another FAB layout!!! I'll get to that in a minute.

Today was a lazy day. Had to go to WM, since we didnt make it there last night after the consignment sale fiasco....got a few things and came on home. Jeremy mucked out the chicken coops and rescued some wee babies in the coops and got everyone outside taken care of, while the rain has subsided for now. Starting to get the house straightened up and such for the boys birthday party this weekend. I still havent gotten Sterling's birthday gift yet - I have an idea of what we want to get him, but not 100% yet. That boy loves GI Joe, so we'll probably get him something like that.

Anyhow, that's about it from here. Not much to report. Here's my newest LO, using the kit In a Boys Pocket by Project B Designs. Find Bianca's work over at SUN and Scrapable. Here's the kit:

And my boy, Sterling...oh, dirty Sterling....

Been busy!!!

Boy I have been one scrappin fool lately! I received this wonderful QP kit from Barb at Albums to Remember. Her shop is over at Faith Sisters. Check this out - it was originally designed for a Baby's First Year, but look how diverse this kit can be...

Here's a few LO's I created for Barb:

See how you can really use kits differently than what they are originally designed for?! I love the one with our horse - what a fluke that I caught that picture.....and truly, a face only a mother could love, eh? LOL!! I hope Barb enjoys them. I had fun creating for her.

We had a late night last night. Arrived to pick up my consignment items early yesterday, and of course - they were running behind. So I was suck for an hour and a half volunteering so I could pick up my unsold items - which were very few, thankfully! All my big items sold, yeah!!!! By the end of it all I was drenched in sweat from running all over that place.

Not much going on. Cashton decided to wake up at 730 this morning, which is very unusual for him. Must have been his tummy, because he went right back to sleep after a dirty diaper. Thank goodness. Mommy doesnt do well waking at 730. LOL! We need to go to the store to pick up a few necessities, but I loathe our Wal Mart. I guess we're just going to hang around the house today and start getting it ready for Sterling and Cashton's birthday party next weekend.

Might have more to report later today - if not, have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

More to come, but for now...

I wanted to share a cute little 5x7 I made for my BFF Kim. When I saw this picture of her daughter - I told her to send me the pic because it really spoke to me. Plus, I dont get to play with pink - ever!!! LOL Hope you like it, Kim. We can tweak, if needed. 143

Journaling states: You make me smile. You make me laugh. Every single day You make me happy.

It's 9:30PM now, and I just finished another layout. This one I did for Kathy Winters using her kit, Summers End and her cute word art from the Summer Lovin' kit. You can find her fantastic kits over at Scrapable.

It has been raining off and on for two days here - which is fantastic, we desperately needed the rain. I just hate all the mud! Another added bonus is the cooler temperatures - it was in the 80s today and the high tomorrow is only 80! I think we hit nearly 60 days of 100* temps this summer.

Gotta head over to Live Oak Civic center tomorrow night to pick up my consignment items that didnt sell or get donated from the Wee World Sale. I hope the big items sold - I really need the room and the money is nice too!

Today also marks the 8th anniversary of 9-11. Take a moment to think back to that horrific day, and think about the nearly 3,000 people that lost their lives to such a senseless act. I give a wholehearted thanks to our servicemen and women who are fighting for our country and hope to have them all home very soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm so tired...

Of being sick and tired! LOL Jeremy and I are fighting sinus infections - he's still fighting the poison ivy too. It's going on a month now, I think since he got into that nasty stuff. He's had two rounds of steroids and is on some heavy duty antibiotics now. Hopefully that will help.

I realized Monday mid-day that the information for the Consignment sale I do every year had to be inputted into the computer by midnight. UGH! I had at least 150 or so items that needed to be logged!! Thankfully I got that done in time. THEN I had to have everything tagged and delivered to the civic center by 12PM today. It poured down rain most of the day - Jeremy was able to meet me at the civic center and sat with Cashton so I could get the stuff out of the car and unloaded for the girls at Wee World. I'm SO glad that's done. Now I'll just have to pick up anything that didnt sell on Saturday evening.

I made these cute little coordinating cards to have for the guests at Cashton's birthday party. I do this every year for the boys for at least the first 3 or so years. They turned out cute, I think...

Sterling is doing SO well in school. They are working on writing letters, numbers, etc - most of which he already knows. They are also learning about Gideon this month.

I should have more layouts to post soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New week, starting Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. Ours was very uneventful, but relaxing. I guess those kind of weekends are good to have now and then, right?

Older boys are at school today - so it's just me and Cash. He's been awfully grumpy lately. I think it might be a combination of frustration and not feeling completely well either. In fact, none of us feel really well at the moment. Jeremy is going to the doctor today, we're pretty sure he's got an ear infection. I have a pretty bad sore throat and I keep sneezing. I think mine is sinus related. Anyway....

Here's my week 3 layout for the Pixie Hunt over at ESS. I am uber pleased with the way it turned out - I hope you enjoy it too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One more LO for today

Getting quite a bit done in the way of scrapping lately. I remembered these pictures, and knew I had the perfect kit to use with it. You can check out Trish H. Designs over at ESS to find this cute kit, "Out for Drinks". I also used a few misc. embellishments from Shanmomto4's kit "Carefree" at Scrapable.

I still give Jeremy hell over this night. We had all our friends over for a New Years party. Had a great time, but Jeremy had a little too much fun. Sitting at our dining room table, he had that look on his face - and I told him to get up, because I knew he was gonna be sick. This is where I found him, and left him early that morning.

Well, Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hope you all have more planned than I do - which is nothing. Cashton's birthday yesterday was "ok", but certainly not what I wanted or expected. I feel horribly guilty that we didnt get to spend the day with him, by himself...I love doing that with my kids on their special days. Sigh. The highlight of his day was going to Wal Mart to buy his birthday cake. :-/

On a brighter note, we went today and had breakfast and ran a few errands. Jeremy moved Cashton's car seat to foward facing. When we first put him in there, he looked very perplexed. LOL He seems to like having more of a view. Went to Old Navy to use a gift card that Auntie Candace, Pat and Cameron sent for his birthday. Got three really nice long sleeved shirts and a dark brown pair of pants for winter!! We also have some money that MawMaw and PawPaw sent for him, but I forgot my TRU coupon at home, so we'll do that another day. :-)

I spent a good part of yesterday working on some scrapbooking....I was working with this really cool kit by Alissa Jones called "Elementary". Here it is:

Very cute kit. You can find it over at Scrapbook Elements, HERE. Here are the two layouts I did using this kit:

So, as you can see - this kit really does have a lot of possibilities. Go check it out!

We watched 17 Again last night. One of the first movies in a LONG time, we've actually watched all the way through. Cute movie. Zac Efron is a cutie pie. Need to return this one and maybe get another one later this afternoon. The boys want the Super Mario Bros. movie, so we might try to find that at Redbox.

Hope you all have a glorious day. Will check in later. BBFN!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's official. *sniff*

My baby is 1. Well, I guess in 20 minutes he'll officially be considered to be 1. This subject is one that is very difficult for me accept. I guess I have to accept it, but geez...it's just so terribly sad for me to think about. :-(

We will have a joint birthday party for Cashton and Sterling on the 19th, kinda midway between their two birthdays. Sterling still doesnt have a lot of friends yet, since he just started pre-school...so I thought it would be better (easier) to have it at the house. I believe we've decided on pizza and their respective cakes. Everyone can bring their swim suits and it should be a fun day. Thinking of renting a bouncy thing....

Took another look at the layout below, and I just couldnt get passed the title. I didnt like it last night, so I worked on it a bit with Blythe and we came up with this:

I do like it a lot better now. I'm limited to using only the elements and papers in the kit. Will get a new kit to work with on Sunday for week 3 of the Pixie Hunt.

Not sure what we're going to do tomorrow in celebration of Cash's first birthday. I do know that I'm at least going to pick up one of those little cakes from Wal Mart and let him play (or see if he actually will play)!!! I originally wanted to have a day with just him, Jeremy and I - but it doesnt look like that's going to work out. I wont get into this discussion because I'll rant and you dont want to read about that anyway. So........we might just end up hanging out here.

Hope you all have a great, long, holiday weekend. I'm glad Jeremy is off on Monday. He doesnt get many paid holidays anymore. Ta Ta!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Newest Layout...

Here's what I've been working on today. Finally got the layout just the way I wanted it. This is a picture of Garrett from 2003 - he was 14 months old. I happen to be in his room with the camera and caught this pic. It's been one of my all time favorites.

The layout is for the Pixie Hunt over at ESS. It's a 4 week challenge, and at the end of week 4 they will determine the best of the best and then hire on their new site CTs. We shall see - if anything, it's good experience and worth the free products. :-)

Today went by really fast. I had a nice day here at home with just Cashton. I just love my hubby. He has been able to take Garrett to school every day since he started back. This afternoon, he was on his way right past Sters school - so he picked him AND Garrett up! I didnt have to go anywhere today - gotta love that.

It's just 10PM! All the kiddos are snuggled down for the night and I think I'm gonna go hit the tub for a nice bubble bath. Got a bit of running around to do with Mom tomorrow - so I'd like to get in bed with some Tylenol PMs here in a bit.

New Siggy!

Thanks Blythe for all your help getting my siggy up and running today - what a PITA. Thanks for all your help lately, I do appreciate it very much!!

Need some inspiration?

And here is a really cute Word Art kit from Kathy Winters Designs. I currently CT for her, and I tell you - her work is amazing!! You'll see a few layouts I've done for her in my galleries. She has the matching Autums Allure kit, which is really cute - so festive!

You'll have to check her out over at Scrapable.

Cashton's 11 month picture

Wow, I really cant get over how cute he is! :-) This is Cashton's 11 month picture. I just bought one pose this time since next month will be a biggie.

Both the older boys are in school today, so I hope to get some stuff done around the house and possibly some scrapping too. I'll check in later and try to make the blog a little prettier too. Later!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Blog - First Blog Post!

Well, here I am! I guess I've decided to catch up with technology in the blogging aspect of things. I hope to use my blog to help promote my digital scrapping stuff and help out those I CT for. I'm still working on making everything pretty around here, so bear with me.

On a personal note...I simply cannot grasp the idea that Cashton will be a year old on Saturday. How can this be? I am greatly saddened by how fast my children have grown up. They are babies for such a short period of time!! He is such a light in my life, I have a bond with this child like I never thought I would ever have. Certainly don't get me wrong - I love Garrett and Sterling with all my heart, I just have different bonds with each of them.

Sterling goes to his 2nd day of pre-school tomorrow. He did great Tuesday. He really enjoys it, and is now completely ready (it seems) to be in school. He's always been pretty attached to me and our previous tries with school weren't well accepted on his part.

I guess I'll head off for tonight. It's after midnight now and we all have an early morning. More tomorrow, folks!