Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Blog - First Blog Post!

Well, here I am! I guess I've decided to catch up with technology in the blogging aspect of things. I hope to use my blog to help promote my digital scrapping stuff and help out those I CT for. I'm still working on making everything pretty around here, so bear with me.

On a personal note...I simply cannot grasp the idea that Cashton will be a year old on Saturday. How can this be? I am greatly saddened by how fast my children have grown up. They are babies for such a short period of time!! He is such a light in my life, I have a bond with this child like I never thought I would ever have. Certainly don't get me wrong - I love Garrett and Sterling with all my heart, I just have different bonds with each of them.

Sterling goes to his 2nd day of pre-school tomorrow. He did great Tuesday. He really enjoys it, and is now completely ready (it seems) to be in school. He's always been pretty attached to me and our previous tries with school weren't well accepted on his part.

I guess I'll head off for tonight. It's after midnight now and we all have an early morning. More tomorrow, folks!

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  1. Great start. Looks much better than mine when I first started. Your blogging is great too!