Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy, Busy Life!

Things have been really busy lately. There has been a bunch of stuff happen out here on the property that's left us working into all hours of the night making repairs and such - poor Jeremy never has any time to himself. :-( Not to mention school, karate, etc etc.

Now we have Cashton and Sterling's birthday party tomorrow. So I've been busy the last couple of days getting things together for that. I've been baking today - still have Sterlings cake to bake. Will frost and decorate everything tonight when Jeremy's home so I can make sure to have him to run interference! LOL Will post pics after the party is over....

Here's my latest layouts. First, is Fall Fun - the kit is called Fall Splendor by Totally Twisted Scraps, who I now CT for. Great group of girls and I've had fun thus far! You can check out Tracy's shop over at Scrapable. Still have one more LO to do with this kit, but I finished this one last night. I look back at these pictures and it makes me so sad to see how much my kids have grown *sniff sniff*

Next, I have my week 4 layout for the Pixie Hunt over at Enchanted Studio Scraps (ESS). Click on that link and you'll be able to see all 4 weeks of layouts. We should know pretty soon who made the cut and will become Pixies soon! Wish me luck! :-)

Alright, off to bake some more. I'll try to check back in after the festivities on Saturday.

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