Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We have rain!!

South Texas has been so dry this summer - in fact, it's the driest and hottest on record since the 50's. Today, it's in the 70's breezy and rainy. What a nice change. I got the boys off to school and headed to Cashton's doctor for his one year check up. There were 2 dozen cars in the parking lot, which I knew was a baaaaaad sign. Went to check in and the first thing I ask was how far behind they were today. At least an hour. GREAT. Reschedule and come back home. Ugh. I LOVE this doctor - he's my OB/GYN's brother...their family is just awesome. BUT, I swear, I'm on the verge of finding another doctor for our family if this doesnt change. Anyway.........

I was looking around at some of my friends and families blogs yesterday and I saw that Marsha had some postings about the Knifty Knitter. I have been wanting to do this for SO LONG! She has inspired me to give it a try. I have to head to Hobby Lobby later this week.

Cash and Sterlings birthday party was really nice. A decent amount of people showed up, the kids had a blast, and for once, I was relaxed and actually enjoyed the day. Everyone headed to the pool after cake - it was a lot of fun! Here's a few pics from their day. Here is Cashton's Cake:

And Sterlings (excuse the horrible color of the picture, not sure what happened here - gotta edit them still).....

And rather than upload a bunch of misc. pictures from the party - here's a couple of layouts I've done....

Still have more to do, and I will post them up here when I get them finished!!!

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