Friday, September 4, 2009

It's official. *sniff*

My baby is 1. Well, I guess in 20 minutes he'll officially be considered to be 1. This subject is one that is very difficult for me accept. I guess I have to accept it, but's just so terribly sad for me to think about. :-(

We will have a joint birthday party for Cashton and Sterling on the 19th, kinda midway between their two birthdays. Sterling still doesnt have a lot of friends yet, since he just started I thought it would be better (easier) to have it at the house. I believe we've decided on pizza and their respective cakes. Everyone can bring their swim suits and it should be a fun day. Thinking of renting a bouncy thing....

Took another look at the layout below, and I just couldnt get passed the title. I didnt like it last night, so I worked on it a bit with Blythe and we came up with this:

I do like it a lot better now. I'm limited to using only the elements and papers in the kit. Will get a new kit to work with on Sunday for week 3 of the Pixie Hunt.

Not sure what we're going to do tomorrow in celebration of Cash's first birthday. I do know that I'm at least going to pick up one of those little cakes from Wal Mart and let him play (or see if he actually will play)!!! I originally wanted to have a day with just him, Jeremy and I - but it doesnt look like that's going to work out. I wont get into this discussion because I'll rant and you dont want to read about that anyway. So........we might just end up hanging out here.

Hope you all have a great, long, holiday weekend. I'm glad Jeremy is off on Monday. He doesnt get many paid holidays anymore. Ta Ta!

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  1. Happy First Birthday, Cashton!!! We can't wait to see pictures of you enjoying your first cake :)