Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm so tired...

Of being sick and tired! LOL Jeremy and I are fighting sinus infections - he's still fighting the poison ivy too. It's going on a month now, I think since he got into that nasty stuff. He's had two rounds of steroids and is on some heavy duty antibiotics now. Hopefully that will help.

I realized Monday mid-day that the information for the Consignment sale I do every year had to be inputted into the computer by midnight. UGH! I had at least 150 or so items that needed to be logged!! Thankfully I got that done in time. THEN I had to have everything tagged and delivered to the civic center by 12PM today. It poured down rain most of the day - Jeremy was able to meet me at the civic center and sat with Cashton so I could get the stuff out of the car and unloaded for the girls at Wee World. I'm SO glad that's done. Now I'll just have to pick up anything that didnt sell on Saturday evening.

I made these cute little coordinating cards to have for the guests at Cashton's birthday party. I do this every year for the boys for at least the first 3 or so years. They turned out cute, I think...

Sterling is doing SO well in school. They are working on writing letters, numbers, etc - most of which he already knows. They are also learning about Gideon this month.

I should have more layouts to post soon.

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